Conditional logic of actions extension adds powerful conditional rules management to your submission actions.

Set If/Or rules for each action according to user input.

You will be able to control each of the available actions and define diffrent scenarios according to the data filled by the user.

Use cases examples

  • Redirect to different thank you pages with the basic redirect action.
  • Sell different products with the PayPal extension.
  • Manage your conversion pixels by user selections (use the free fire script action).
  • Show the user different popups and thank you messages with the popup extension.
  • Send emails to different email recipients (use the free send email action).

Want to know more about Conditional Logic of Actions?  Read our docs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • In order to disable the default Contact Form 7 Emails add:

    skip_mail: on

    On the additional settings field as  described here.